Swiss ORL Academy in brief 

Swiss ORL Academy is an initiative of the Swiss Society of ENT (SSORL, The project was born out of the desire to make available to ENT specialists and trainees an interactive programme to encourage collaboration between professionals in the ENT field and ensure continuing education through the acquisition of training points (CME). 

The Swiss ORL Academy platform is mainly self-financed by the SSORL itself and will also (in future) benefit from the support of industry Partners. The industry presence will be mainly limited to the separate section marked "Our Partners" and on the rest of the platform, with content clearly marked as "sponsored". The content available on the Swiss ORL Academy (outside the "Our Partners" section and not indicated as “sponsored”) is independent of any industry influence.  


What Swiss ORL Academy offers 

More than just a platform, Swiss ORL Academy is a complete hybrid training programme that aims at offering the user-friendliness that characterises physical events while making the most of the interactive potential of current digital tools. We are convinced that this format will ensure the continuity of ENT training while offering an optimal and interactive experience to participants. 

Through the Swiss ORL Academy platform, we offer access at all times to exclusive and original content proposed by ENT experts in Switzerland. This content is intended for ENT specialists and physicians in training who wish to maintain a high level of knowledge and know-how throughout the year. 

The programme includes both physical (live and recorded congresses/seminars) and virtual content and events (from specialized seminars, eCourses, webcasts of surgeries, etc.). The engagement and active contribution of participants, even from a distance, is ensured through different digital means (mobile application etc.). 


How to participate 

Simply register and login to the platform as a member of the SSORL, for free access to all our content and event information. If you are not a member of the SSORL, please contact us. 

Once registered onto the platform, you will be able to attend our live hybrid events, ask questions live, participate in quizzes and votes and/or view the non-live online training content (webinars) and/or follow eCourses allowing you to collect training points.